’23 Jump Street:’ ‘Men in Black’ Crossover Plot For The Movie Confirmed By The Makers

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
’23 Jump Street:’ ‘Men in Black’ Crossover Plot For The Movie Confirmed By The Makers

If you thought the first two movies “21 Jump Street” and “22 Jump Street” were good enough to tell the stories of Jenko and Schmidt, you might want to think again. At the end of “22 Jump Street,” one might remember watching a cool montage of both the characters going to different places to nab bad guys. One of them was the “23 Jump Street,” one that showed them in medical school hinting at a possible “Men in Black” crossover. There were a lot of speculations about it though something concrete turned up recently.

According to Crossmap, Phil Lord recently, confirmed that they have been working on “23 Jump Street” and they are working hard. So when this rumor of a possible “Men in Black” crossover surfaced, everyone’s minds just flipped. Fans started to create theories as to what could they possibly show in a crossover movie like this. Some of them just ignored it since it was kind of bizarre. But the unfortunate incident of Sony’s emails leaking shed some light on the topic that a crossover between “Men in Black” and “23 Jump Street” was actually happening.

Following the unfortunate event and the information leaking, Phil Lord and Chris Miller in an interview with MTV stated that nothing has changed and the movie is still a crazy idea. They only do things that seem like they are going to be terrible. They said that they are currently working on a story that will prove to be a great story for both the characters and they might just use some other creatures from another world at the same time.

However, for a thing like that to happen, one would need Steven Spielberg’s permission because he directed “Men in Black” and it can be safe to assume that Sony will only initiate a project like this after seeking Mr. Spielberg’s approval.

Previously, Cinema Blend had reported about “23 Jump Street” in the making and how Rodney Rothman, one of the writers on “22 Jump Street,” was asked to write a screenplay for the sequel. As of now, it remains to be seen when will an official confirmation is made but if the movie does make it on silver screen, won’t it just be hilarious?

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