’24’ Kiefer Sutherland Preferred His Character Jack Bauer Dead

By Mark Jason Alcala | 2 years ago
’24’ Kiefer Sutherland Preferred His Character Jack Bauer Dead
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A showrunner of the hit series 24 recently revealed a little known fact about its lead actor Kiefer Sutherland. It seems it was Sutherland who wanted to distance himself from his tv character, Jack Bauer.

Many were of course wondering what happened behind the scenes of the hit television series 24. For still unreveal reason, it now appears that that the 24’s lead actor of Kiefer Sutherland no longer wanted to play the role of Jack Bauer.

Showrunner Howard Gordon recently revealed that Kiefer wanted the show’s main character to die, reports Variety. Gordon, as well as Sutherland’s agent, tried to dissuade the actor from his view point. Apparently, it got to a point where higher ups from Fox had to intervene. In the end, they decided to keep Jack Bauer alive.

As for Sutherland, he reprised his role as Jack Bauer in the 2014 Fox miniseries 21: Live Another Day. However, the actor was said to have made a comment in 2015 saying that he is done with 24. Kiefer Sutherland still expressed his gratitude for the hit series revealing that as an actor, it was one of his greatest roles.

Currently, Howard Gordon is doing the 24 spinoff titled 24: Legacy. This time, Corey Hawkins will star in the spinoff as Eric Carter.

Although Sutherland is not currentlly in the spinoff, Gordon is not closing the door on the possibility that the actor might be back as Jack in future shows fo the franchise. Gordon acknowledged that Sutherland’s influence in the show is considerable saying that “Jack has cast a very long and powerful shadow.”

24 is one of the longest running and highly successful series in Fox’s stable. The original show has a total of 192 episodes spread over eight seasons according to Wikipedia. It premiered on November 6, 2001 and its last episode was aired on May 24, 2010.


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