‘24: Legacy’- Everything To Know About Fox’s Newest Thriller Series [VIDEO]

By Ruchi Singh | 2 years ago
‘24: Legacy’- Everything To Know About Fox’s Newest Thriller Series [VIDEO]

Fox has smitten its ardent viewers by bringing back its most sought-after show “24” with an all new season titled, “24: Legacy.” The show is already gearing up for a 2017 premiere and is expected to be masterpiece. The recently released trailer of “24: Legacy” aptly justifies what this show has in store for its followers.

The trailer featured every element that makes “24” a super-thriller. Loaded with action sequences and baddies, “24: Legacy” is set to carry forward its own legacy. The series is set to come back with its new hero that will replace maverick Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland, the actor who portrayed this challenging character, in the previous seasons has been changed in the new one.

In this season, Corey Hawkins will be seen as Eric Carter. This character will be shown as an ex-Army Ranger who has returned to America and is determined to stop the terrorist attacks that may follow, just like his counterpart Jack Bauer. In fact, the entire star cast has been changed in the revival series and Miranda Otto will be seen as Rebecca Ingram, who will take the charge as Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character Chloe O’Brian in the previous seasons.

“24: Legacy” shows great similarity with its previous editions and the hero here will yet again have a family. Another striking similarity teased by The Guardian is that the family of the protagonist will “almost certainly die.”

The second biggest sigh of relief in the trailer came here, when the new hero slung his man-bag across his body to signal that he’s ready for action. This is exactly – exactly – what Jack Bauer did. Call this series a reset all they like but, simply, by dint of the fact that Carter knows how to put bags on when shit goes down, one knows that this is business as usual.

For the rejoice of the die-hard fans of the original hero of the series, Kiefer Sutherland, will be back in this series but only as the producer of this series. The show is set to premiere in fall 2017.

Watch Official Trailer Of “24: LEGACY”

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