24: Live Another Day Recap: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM

By April Lara | 3 years ago
24: Live Another Day Recap: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM
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In the latest episode of “24: Live Another Day,” Episode 10 “8:00 PM-9:00 PM,” Jack Bauer was on a roll and had encountered the Russians. Now that Margot and her son were dead, as well as her daughter, Heller lived. Read on to learn more about his episode.

Previously on “24: Live Another Day” (“8:00 PM-9:00 PM), Kate found out about Navarro, and after Navarro stole the device, he called Adrian to discuss their next move. Adrian agreed that once the device was handed to Navarro, Navarro would be taken out of the country. Chloe sensed right away that there’s something up with Adrian, and Adrian admitted to her that he was taking back Yates’ override device because Yates had stolen it. The device was very dangerous and could blow up an entire population.

Bauer had spotted Navarro, and the two got into “chase” mode right away, but Navarro had reached Adrian’s drop off point. There was an envelope there, but none in the getaway car. It dawned on Navarro that Adrian fooled him. Jack found him and arrested him.

After this, Bauer headed to Liverpool station but missed Chloe and Adrian. Jack knew that Adrian had been avoiding the police for years and was definitely up for something big, but he couldn’t believe that Chloe was involved in it.

Meanwhile, Kate was determined to find out if Jordan was working on anything that concerns Navarro before he died. Her tech guy found out that Navarro was the one who sold the intel to the Chinese, which means that it wasn’t her husband at all! However, things were too late now.

Bauer insisted to be the one to interrogate Navarro, and Navarro confessed to him that he never knew that he was dealing with Adrian. All he wanted in return was full immunity, which baffled Jack. Gathering all his strength to control himself, he asked Navarro again one more time to spill the beans, but Navarro did not budge. Bauer beat the hell out of him.

The tension between Audrey and Mark was still there, especially that Mark lied about Audrey’s father. However, Audrey was ready to work things out, and she apologized to Mark for snapping at him. Mark had more things to say, telling her that ever since Bauer came back, things changed between them. Audrey quickly denied this and told Mark that her relationship with Bauer was over. Mark wanted to work things out with Audrey, but Audrey, seeing what Mark was like, she did not want to talk and left him instead. This fueled Mark even more. So the next thing he did? He called his Russian diplomat friend who’s after Jack and told him his whereabouts.

Chloe finally got an inkling about Adrian’s plan and excused herself to go to the bathroom, but she was really planning to escape. Adrian figured it out right away and was able to stop her.

Kate was so mad at Navarro that she went to Navarro and pulled a gun on him. She was going to pull the trigger, but Navarro told her that he put a tracker on the override device. Jack saw the whole thing and told Kate to be sure if that was something she really wants to do. Kate held herself back from killing Navarro and resorted to seeking pleasure to seeing Navarro imprisoned.

Adrian was under the impression that things were under his control, but he was mistaken. When he got back to his underground team, there were all dead, and the Chinese were involved. The Chinese were the one who paid him to develop the override device. The mastermind behind all of these? Cheng Zi, Jack’s biggest and worst enemy.

Chloe told Cheng that she’s not going to help him with his plan, but then Cheng shot Adrian, and Chloe was left with no choice. Meanwhile, Mark called his Russian friend and pleaded with him not to go and kill Jack.

Adrian confessed to Chloe that the death of her husband and son weren’t targeted at her and was all an accident. Chloe’s heart was broken again, but before she could forgive Adrian, Cheng shot him in the head. Jack and Kate were close by, but the Russians got to them, while Cheng had a huge plan of destruction, and he used the device to send a message to the USS Massachusetts to fire on a Chinese carrier. Uh-oh. This means war!

How will Jack save something this HUGE this time around?

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