24: Live Another Day Recap: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM

By April Lara | 3 years ago
24: Live Another Day Recap: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM
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The latest episode of “24: Live Another Day,” which aired on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX, was one of the most action-packed episodes of this season.  Read on for the full recap of  Episode 11 “9:00 PM-10:00 PM.

The Chinese carrier had been attacked by the U.S. Now Heller knew what was going on. After the whole Margot thing, here’s another terrorist whose main goal was to take down the U.S.

Meanwhile, Jack and Kate were fighting the Russians. The federal agents showed up to help them before they get killed. Cheng Zi was planning his next step, and one of his men saw Jack on a CCTV footage. This got him worried that Chloe might have a tracking device implanted on her, but he breathed a sigh of relief when he found out that Chloe was free of any tracking apparatus. Cheng thought that he knew what Chloe’s plan was after catching her getting to the phone, but it’s a good strategy to make the enemy think that he got you all figured out, but in reality, he’s missing some crucial details.

Jack was able to track the override device, but when he got there, he found out that everyone was dead, including Adrian Cross. This was a smart move by Cheng, but not quite. Thanks to Chloe’s cleverness. She was able to leave Jack a clue. Chloe’s attempt to get to the phone was a plan to turn on the recorder, and Jack was surprised to hear the Cheng’s voice from the phone. The moment he heard his voice, he knew right away that he should get to Heller right away.

He got to Heller and told him that Cheng was back, but Heller couldn’t believe this news because all along, he knew that Cheng was dead three years ago. Audrey was surprised to hear the news because we know that Cheng tortured her. Jack knew that Cheng’s plan was to start a military tension between the Chinese and the U.S., and he also wanted Russia to take a part in this conflict. Another revelation came to Jack when he found out that it was Mark who handed him over to the Russians.

Kate didn’t know anything about Cheng, so she asked Jack, and he explained. Jack figured out that the Russians took Cheng out of prison to make all of these things happen.

Heller talked to the President of China and explained to him that it wasn’t him who gave the orders to destroy the carrier but Cheng Zi. However, the President didn’t want to believe him. Fortunately, Audrey knew  someone who works at the Chinese Embassy that could help them.

Due to Cheng’s reappearance, this made Jack talk to Audrey and tell her that he’s back because he wanted to protect Heller for the sake of Audrey and told her that things are going to be more complicated now, which means that he might kill Mark because of what he found out. Jack told Audrey that he didn’t want her to hate him forever, and Audrey told him that she could never do that to him.

Meanwhile, the Chinese were planning to target the U.S. naval bases, and the U.S. team told Heller that they needed to make a plan and prepare to retaliate. Jack had his eyes on Mark, so he asked Heller to go with him. The moment that they got their privacy, Jack immediately pointed a gun straight to Mark’s head and asked him why he did what he did. Heller was stunned to hear all of these, but he knew that it was true, especially that Mark told them everything that they needed to hear. Heller was ready to put him in jail, but Jack stopped him because he needed Mark. He’s going to use Mark’s Russian contact to get to Cheng.

Jack prepped Kate for his plan to meet up with Mark’s Russian contact, Stolnavich. However, Mark got so worried because doing what Jack told him to do might cost him his life. However, he wanted to make up for what he did, so he obliged. Chloe was still Cheng’s hostage, but she freed herself by jumping out of Cheng’s truck.

The Chinese were preparing their missiles to attack the U.S., and finally, Heller obliged to raise the threat level to Defcon 3. Mark was able to get into Stolnavich’s place, and things got crazy, which led to Stolnavich’s death. Before he died, Jack tried to get some information from him, but he wasn’t able to get any that concerns Cheng. All he said was their country hadn’t forgotten what Jack did.

In other news, Audrey met up with her Chinese contact and gave information about the override device and told her to get that information to the embassy. Her contact agreed, but when she was about to leave, a sniper killed the contact as well as her bodyguards.  Audrey got a call from Cheng, telling her that she should wait and sit down on the bench.


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