24: Live Another Day Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 4 years ago
24: Live Another Day Premiere Recap
Kiefer Sutherland while signing an autograph at Green Hill conference. December 06, 2007. Wikimedia Commons/El Tarantiniese/ertarantiniano

“24: Live Another Day” has premiered last May 5, 2014 and it showed 2 episodes on its very first airing on TV.

A team of CIA agents breaks into a railway arch and investigated it with the use of a drone that is radio-controlled. It found a figure and there, Jack Bauer stares right into the camera and a CIA officer cried that they have found Jack. They have wanted him for so many years after he killed all the Russians at the end of the last series and now they have found him.

Yes, Jack is in custody but everything was all planned. He let himself get caught on purpose and everything that he did, hiding in a railway arch, escaping through a market, injuring an innocent passer-by are all a ruse for him to get caught and be brought to the CIA’s London station.

His reason? He’s there for Chloe O’ Brian who’s detained there as well and she’s now covered with so much tattoos now and a different kind of haircut. By the time Bauer finds Chloe, she has already been tortured to death. Jack had to restart her heart.

Another reason why Jack’s in London is because of President Heller, yes he is president now and we all know Jack had a meaningful relationship with him and of course, he fell in love with his daughter. President Heller is in London to discuss the British government’s willingness to back American drone program. However, things got out of hand when a hacker was able to take control of a drone in Afghanistan and used it to blow up an American convoy.

The man who blew up the convoy is Derek Yates who used to work with Chloe and he’s being paid by someone to kill the president. And all of these he is doing in a flat that he shares with his girlfriend. Chloe helps Jack find Derek but she’s really not up for it.

They did find Yates, though, but he’s guarded by Basher. Jack had to stab him in the neck after spending a couple of minutes to reason with him but Jack got shot in the arm. However, Yates was killed by his very own girlfriend who turned out to be the daughter of his boss.

Is it nice to have “24” back?


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