2NE1 CL And WINNER Mino Allegedly Dating? YG Entertainment Has Spoken About The Issue!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
2NE1 CL And WINNER Mino Allegedly Dating? YG Entertainment Has Spoken About The Issue!
2NE1 CL And WINNER Mino Allegedly Dating? YG Entertainment Has Spoken About The Issue!

WINNER Mino and 2NE1 CL were in the hot seats recently as photos showing they are together in the hotel were released by a local outlet. Does this mean they are secretly seeing each other for a period of time? And if so, how long are they allegedly meeting? YG Entertainment immediately issued an official statement about the rumors and set the record straight.

In a report from K-Popstarz, Kukmin Ilbo, a Korean media publication, revealed photos to support the claims for the dating speculations between the YG artists. The photos show they are enjoying their time together near the pool. Their agency didn’t wait for a long time before clarifying the issue. In fact, they even see this as something very funny because edited photos were used as a source of rumors.

YG Entertainment emphasized, “It’s so ridiculous that I can’t even laugh. It’s absurd that dating rumors could arise from photoshopped images. The headlines came out without confirmation, and the evidence provided is photoshopped.” according to All K-Pop.

The agency added, “CL and Song Minho are not dating, The claims are laughingly outrageous. They published an article with unproven situations and Photoshopped pictures as the only proof.”


Instead of being bothered by the allegations, YG Entertainment properly handled the rumors and even make a comic relief out of it. This wasn’t the only time a news outlet shipped the two artists together. Before, the entertainment outlet Dispatch highlighted their identical bracelets implying these are owned by couples.

Nice try Mino-CL shippers, but no one can’t blame their supporters. After all, the two Korean stars look beautiful together. Also, in the modern time today, simple fantasies can be translated to a new interpretation such as the altered photos about them.

WINNER Mino and 2NE1 leader CL are doing well in their respective career.

Photo Source: 2NE1/Facebook

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