2NE1 Comeback Postponed! YG Entertainment To Focus More On CL Solo Career – Real or Rumor?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
2NE1 Comeback Postponed! YG Entertainment To Focus More On CL Solo Career – Real or Rumor?

Will there be any 2NE1 comeback or YG Entertainment choose to focus more on CL solo career? Read On!

Blackjack have been waiting for a 2NE1 comeback ever since they had their hiatus. All the members –CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy have been focusing on their personal projects, however, in recent reports, YG reportedly announced the group’s comeback this coming November 21.

According to KPop Starz, on Monday, November 9, YG Entertainment posted a question that says “Who’s Next” on their official page and SNS accounts which made fans speculate that one of the record label’s artists would be having a comeback on November 21 at 21:00 (9:00 pm).

Many thought that YG is giving the fans a hint on who would be having the spotlight on that day and it’s none other than 2NE1 because of the double ‘21’ that was included in the photo, however, it is still a mere speculation since the president of the company himself already revealed his plans for the group in his recent interview.


Movie News Guide previously reported that Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of  YG Entertainment, revealed that the company is currently focusing on CL’s American debut.

Newsen (via All KPop) quoted YG’s interview: “As of now, we are focusing on CL‘s American debut. After she does well [in America], we will think of [plans for] 2NE1.”

YG also noted that Park Bom, lead vocalist of the girl group, is currently having a time off after all the controversies that were thrown to her, particularly the drug smuggling scandal.

One of the alleged reasons why the group’s comeback is repeatedly delayed is because of Bom. Based on the reports, YG wants the singer to have some time for reflection, some personal time for herself.

“2NE1 cannot put on a show without Park Bom,” YG said.


However, there were reports that Bom was seen leaving YG Entertainment building just a few weeks ago. It was shared by a Chinese fan, according to KPop Starz and was shared on her Weibo account.

The said video made a lot of fans speculate that maybe the group is getting themselves ready for a comeback. Adding on to the speculations was YG’s post about a teaser photo that has the number 21.

On the other hand, All KPop reported that the original plan was to have 2NE1 comeback at first but then, YG suddenly changed his mind.

Adding more to the confusions of a lot of fans was CL’s controversial Instagram photo, a blurred out image that has a caption “All or Nothing,” which was the title of their most recent album, released in 2014.

The said photo has since been deleted from the rapper’s account and was replaced by other photos. This action by the group’s leader made the fans think that maybe the comeback won’t happen anytime soon as they believed that YG changed it at the last minute.

On the other hand, Korean Herald reported that a source from YG Entertainment reportedly confirmed the comeback, although it is still unclear if they will release a new album or just a single song. However, it still not enough reason for everyone to hope that 2NE1 will definitely have a comeback in this coming November 21 as there are other artists who’re till up there who can be the main subject of the number 21.

YG has already noted that the company wants to focus for CL’s debut, other than that the other members like Dara is currently focusing on her acting career, Minzy, on the other hand, is busy on her own dance studio, while Bom is still having a time off.

Photo Source: Facebook| 2NE1

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