2NE1 Members Gave Clues In Their Instagram To Announce Their Possible Comeback Soon?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
2NE1 Members Gave Clues In Their Instagram To Announce Their Possible Comeback Soon?
2NE1 Members Gave Clues In Their Instagram To Announce Their Possible Comeback Soon?

When Hallyu wave exploded to fame, 2NE1 is one of the all-girl group which was also introduced to the rest of the world. It is no surprise that when their hiatus starting last year happened, many Blackjacks are anticipating as to when they will come back. Allegedly, this anticipation is about to end. Is it true they will return real soon?

According to K-Pop Starz, the fans are in wishful thinking now as to whether the group are really back in the guidance of YG Entertainment. It was because of the various posts of the members themselves. Aside from these, there are also those posts from people who are close to them. These series of events are welcomed by fans as possible signs for their return.

On Saturday, Oct.31, 2015, a short video clip which is a teaser of Dara’s future activity was uploaded to the Instagram account of YG Entertainment. No confirmation whether this is for the group or her solo commitments.

Last Nov.1, Sunday, 2NE1 leader CL posted two photographs showing the groups’ early days wherein they are not yet that popular. Moreover, she added photos from the year when they were introduced as a group way back in 2009. Likewise, CL shared too a picture with fellow member Dara from their 2010. So much nostalgia for the Blackjacks indeed with those throwback pictures.


Also last Sunday, a speculated choreographer from the same agency shared a picture of the all-girl group on IG too with the text “2NE1 is back.”

Soompi reported June this year of YG Entertainment’s denial of the alleged disbandment of the group.

“It’s not even worth addressing. We were appalled when we heard it too. (Rumors of 2NE1 disbanding) does not make sense at all. 2NE1 is even planning to release a new song this year. ”

Will the Blackjacks see again 2NE1 together before the year ends?

Photo Source: 2NE1/Facebook

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