3 Doors Down Bassist in Accident that Kills another Driver

By admin | 5 years ago

Police have announced that the bassist for the rock band 3 Doors Down, Robert Todd Harrell was charged on Saturday with vehicular homicide. Authorities said that Harrell was speeding in his car when it clipped the side of a pickup propelling the pickup down a steep incline. The pickup’s driver was killed in the accident.

Harrell is 41 and police said he was visibly impaired when they arrived at the scene of the accident. The band member told police he had been drinking some hard cider, while taking two medications that he was on – Lortab as well as Xanax.

When Harrell was searched while being booked at the sheriff’s station, deputies located a plastic bag that was concealed in one of Harrell’s socks. The bag’s contents included oxymorphone, oxycondone and Xanax pills.

Police in turn charged the bassist with illegally entering controlled substances into a police lockup facility. Harrell is being held at the facility on bond of $100,000.

Paul Shoulders, who will killed in the accident, was driving the pickup and was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident. He was found ejected from the vehicle. Authorities rushed Shoulders to the Vanderbilt Medical Center but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Members of the band released a statement on their official website stating they were saddened by Shoulders’ death and their prayers went out to his friends and family during such a tragic time.

Harrell and two others founded the band in Mississippi back in 1994. They are best known for their hit Kryptonite.

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