33 Strange Titles For ‘The Last Of Us 2’ (Both Serious And Hilarious)

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
33 Strange Titles For ‘The Last Of Us 2’ (Both Serious And Hilarious)
Fans at Reddit gave various suggestions for a possible title of “The Last of Us 2.”

“What do you think TLOU2 should be called?” asked one gamer.

While Naughty Dog, Inc. has kept fans in a limbo for the release of “The Last of Us 2,” users at Reddit (via Moviepilot) have started suggesting clever subtitles for the “The Last of Us” sequel.

Some were serious and some were hilarious.

First off, the serious ones:

1. The Last of Us 2 – According to a user, this will make people not get confused and make it obvious that it’s a sequel.

2. The First Of Us – The user gave his/her 126-word explanation why this title best fits “The Last of Us 2.” And he was not done yet!

“I could expand a little more, but I’ll leave that to better men and women than me,” the user said.

3. The Rest of Us – This one was well liked and no further details were given.

4. The Last of Us 2: The Wandering

5. The Last of Us 2: A New Hope

6. The Last of Us 2: The Rising

7. The Last of Us 2: The Will To Survive

8. The Last of Us 2: The End Is Nigh

9. The Last of Us 2: Redemption

10. The Last of Us 2: The Unforgiving

11. The Last of Us 2: Last Stand

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Now for the less serious:

12. The Laster of Us – “And it’s hit sequel, The Lastest of Us,” a user said.

Another said it should be:

13. 2 Last 2 Us

While one said:

14. Turns Out That Wasn’t The Last of Us

But there’s:

15. The First of Them – Just plain opposite of “The Last of Us.”

A user made a little tweak to this title and suggested:

16. The First of Us

Now those in a relationship, they thought there should be:

17. Some More of Us

While others said:

18. The Two Of Us – With a user making it more specific:

19. Just The Two of Us

The truth is:

20. There’s Actually More of Us

21. More of Us But Not As Many As Them – Another insisted.

Another asked, what if there is:

22. Less of Us?

Moving on, there was:

23. The Last of Us 2: Son of The Last of Us – Whoa!

24. The Last of Us Two: And Joel and Ellie Duel To Death

25. The Last of Us 2: Electric Boogaloo – Definitely not a horror game.

A cheerleader said:

26. Us Are Last, We’re Still Last. Yes, the Last Of Us… Two

Another suggested a crossover of the video game with “Planet of the Apes” movie:

27. Dawn of the Planet of The Last of Us

While another wanted a crossover with “Walking Dead”:

28. The Walking Last Of Us

29. What’s Left Of Us – A confused user asked.

And an angry user said:

30. The Last of Me. I Don’t Want Any Dumb A** AI Characters To Baby Sit

31. TLOU: American Dreams – What could be the plot for this?

Especially for this:

32. TLOU 2: There’s A Fungus Among Us

But since Naughty Dog, Inc. is not sure if they are to release the sequel, a fan declared “The Last of Us 2″ is the:

32. Canceled Naughty Dog Game

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Photo source: Facebook|Naughty Dog, Inc.

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