4 Perfect Casting Choices To Support Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man’

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
4 Perfect Casting Choices To Support Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man’

The new “Spider-Man” is set to hit theatres in the summer of 2017. Much is being talked about the updates and casting of the new “Spider-Man” movie which is yet to receive its title. The internet has been going crazy since the revelation of Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man. Fans from all over the world are still waiting to hear what will be next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield exit from the “Spider-Man” franchise and addition of the 19-year-old Tom Holland has left so much room for the speculations, as to who all can be the possible actors and actresses to support Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

  1. K. Simmons: The role played by J. K. Simmons of J. Jonah Jameson is unarguably the best supporting portrayal for the “Spider-Man” movie. The awesome depiction of character by Simmons left everyone at awe in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” triology.
  2. Bryan Cranston: Undoubtedly, the most popular character and the extraordinary talented Brayn Cranston, carries skills like no one else. This sure does make him the much awaited face, fans will love to see again and again. And the bad guy portrayal by him? No one can match that!
  3. Alex Pettyfer – Publicized fall-out with Channing Tatum during “Magic Mike” doesn’t make Alex Pettyfer out from the list. The Marvel had its eye on Alex much before Andrew Garfield was casted as Peter Parker. This actually seems like a good chance to get Alex with “Spider-Man” in supporting role atleast!
  4. Tyler Perry: Tyler Perry’s portrayal of the calculative lawyer in “Gone Girl” as Tanner Bolt was nothing less than an addition to the already amazing movie. The talented actor adds a lot of feel for the character and could make up for a bad-bad guy.

The new “Spider-Man” cast has to add up the ounce, as the mixed reactions for Tom Holland cannot be left alone to make the film a huge success.

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