4th Impact: Best Act Of X-Factor 2016 Live Tour

By John Leuven | 3 years ago
4th Impact: Best Act Of X-Factor 2016 Live Tour
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A recent poll has named the girls band 4th Impact as the best act performed in the 2016 X-Factor Live Tour. They took the win by a considerable majority of fans’ votes worldwide.

A poll started by entertainment website Telly Mix revealed a telling victory for sisters Almira, Celina, Irene, and Mylene Cercado. The girls enjoyed a landslide win and garnered 92.25% of the total fans’ votes.

Meanwhile, Louisa Johnson, at the second place, got 2.4% of the total votes. Lauren Murray trailed a close third, with 1.82% of the total.

Reggie n Bollie came in fourth, and is the highest ranked act among the gentlemen participants. Other favorites that finished below them are Seann Miley Moore, Mason Noise, Che Chesterman and Anton Stephans.

This only serves to support the fact that 4th Impact’s influence is getting to a bigger and wider audience. Just a few days earlier, the girls completed the biggest tour of their lives so far, after twenty performances. They have shared their talents throughout the world with shows across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, and Wales.

This series of shows was concluded in Manchester. Of this, the quartet can only say thank you to the fans for “accepting them” in their hearts. They also add that after ten years of singing, the whole experience only proved one thing to them: dreams do come true.

They also advised the young dreamers who might want to get into this type of career to never stop believing.

It may be the end of the tour, but this could be only the beginning of a busier life for the girls of 4th impact. Meanwhile, they seem to be doing a very good job of keeping professional career and personal life balanced, as evidenced by the recent surprise their mother just got.


Photo Source: Facebook | The X-Factor

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