4th Impact Fans Vouch For Ensuring Girls Won’t Be Eliminated During ‘X Factor UK’ 2015 Jukebox Week!

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
4th Impact Fans Vouch For Ensuring Girls Won’t Be Eliminated During ‘X Factor UK’ 2015 Jukebox Week!
4th Impact

4th Impact has an amazing effect even on their young fans.  Ella Chadwick, all of 7 years old and ailing from a severe crippling illness, spent some time at the studios of “X Factor UK” and met the stars of the shows. Among others, she also met the 4th Impact sisters: Irene, Mylene, Celine, and Almira.

The girls of 4th Impact were in their usual breezy and bright selves, as they spent time with the little girl. There is little doubt that the sisters were moved by the sad plight of the little girl.

Little Ella’s day was made as the celebrity sisters sang the number “Let It Go”. The song is the title tune from “Frozen” by Disney. Even though the girls of 4th Impact would have been more than pleased to spend some quality time with Ella, they also needed to work hard as finalists of “X Factor UK”. So the girls also spent a considerable amount of time for rehearsing ahead of their next live show.

The current season of “X Factor UK” is also showcasing two songs by each of its finalists for the first time.  The girls of 4th Impact will be performing the song “I’ll Be There”. They have been dying to do this ballad on the show.

They are also planning for a mash-up of the track “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani and “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea.

4th Impact uploaded a picture above their Twitter account and also mentioned that they had been rehearsing for their next live show. They also asked who is excited for the two songs that they are going to perform on.

A fan on Twitter responded that they will give a splendid performance just like they do every week on the show. The fan also said that they have been consistent with their performance and deserves to be the winner of the current season.

Another fan tweeted that excitement is building up for the band’s next performance.

4th Impact needs all the votes and good wishes of their followers so that they can win this contest.

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Photo Source: Facebook/4th Impact

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