The 5 Best Kitty Pryde Moments That We Absolutely Need To See Ellen Page Do

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
The 5 Best Kitty Pryde Moments That We Absolutely Need To See Ellen Page Do
Kitty Pryde

Everybody wants to be a superhero, these days. Even the people who are already superheroes. Canadian actress and “X-Woman” Ellen Page would love to be back as “Kitty Pryde.” Read on for more details.

Ellen Page was a movie scene stealer as the amazing Kitty Pryde in “X-Men: the Last Stand” and “X-Men: DOFP.” And she would love to be back. At a promotion for her latest movie “Freeheld,” the 28-year-old actress confessed that she would absolutely jump at the opportunity to play the mutant who can walk in and out of walls, although she currently has no idea about a Kitty Pryde solo movie, according to

“Sadly, I have no information for you. Would I be utterly delighted to continue playing Kitty Pryde? Yes. But I have no idea.” Page told a journalist, adding that she would ‘love it.’

And since we love Page and her phasing abilities, here’s a short list of the best “Shadowcat: moments from the comics that we would love to see on screen (Are you reading this, Bryan Singer?)


5.   In ‘God Loves Man Kills’, Kitty Pryde goes on TV to debate anti-mutant religious zealot Stryker and defends her friend Nightcrawler, eventually culminating in an epic line:

“If I have to choose between caring for my friend and believing in YOUR God…then I choose…m-my friend!”  

And while we love us some phasing action, a cerebral Pryde who uses her words rather than her powers would be a perfect role for Page.

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4.    In “Kitty Pryde and Wolverine,” Pryde travels to Japan. She is brainwashed and violated by the evil Ogun and forced to fight Wolverine. After the inevitable rescue and victory, Pryde must decide whether to kill Ogun or not. Put Ellen Page and Hugh Jackman in Japan together and that will, without a doubt, be the finest “X-Men” movie ever.

3.    “X-Men” #129, where Pryde’s character is first introduced to the world, we have the young wide-eyed mutant being courted to join both the “X-Man” and “Hellfire Club,” used as a pawn in the larger mutant politics. We think this would be perfect because a) everybody wants Ellen Page in their teams and b) it does help that Marvel is already developing ‘Hellfire’ as a television series.


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2.    “X-Men: the Trail of Jean Grey” from 2013 is where Kitty starts flirting with Star-Lord, Peter Quill. She would later go to space to save his life, gain celestial powers from the ‘black vortex’, and finally end up married to Star-Lord, first lady of the empire of Spartax. But all that does not matter, because we would pay big bucks to see Ellen Page and Chris Pratt together even if they were shopping for groceries.

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1.     In Joss Whedon’s “Astonishing X-Men” and “Giant Size X-Men #1,” a massive bullet is fired towards earth and guess who has the ability to phase a planet size bullet through a planet? Unfortunately, Kitty is trapped inside and sacrifices herself to save the rest of the planet. This is one of the finest moments in Kitty Pryde history, and perhaps the most cinematic of all her stories.

Let us know your favorite Kitty Pryde moments in the comments, and somebody, please let Bryan Singer know.

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