5 Seconds of Summer Frontman Luke Hemmings, Arzaylea Ignore Haters; All 5SOS Boys Dating?

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
5 Seconds of Summer Frontman Luke Hemmings, Arzaylea Ignore Haters; All 5SOS Boys Dating?
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Among the 5 Seconds of Summer members, Luke Hemmings gained most attention especially when it comes to his love life because of his frontman status. The overwhelming love of 5SOS fans also became a reason for Hemmings to receive hate when the heartthrob started dating internet personality Arzaylea. However, the couple continued to ignore their haters by continuously hanging out together.

Hemmings seldom gave updates on social media. But, the internet has been buzzing recently when photos of him and Arzaylea dating on various locations circulated. That only proved how cool the couple is, no matter how much hate they would receive.

Luke and Arzalea Celebrate First Anniversary

One get-together of the couple is when they attended the Halloween party of Just Jared in California, Hof Mag reported. They dressed up as characters from Toy Story. Hemmings went out as Buzz Lightyear while Arzaylea brought Jessie the cowgirl to life. Reports suggested that it was the couple’s first anniversary.

The hate is rooted from claims that Arzaylea was mean to the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer. The fans also blamed her when Hemmings was late for a rehearsal.

The couple started dating in August 2015. Three months later, Arzaylea confirmed her relationship with Hemmings. She did that by posting a photo of them kissing each other.

5 Seconds of Summer’s Relationship Status

Various sources also reported other members of 5 Seconds of Summer dating some lucky women. Ashton Irwin allegedly dated a model. Meanwhile, Calum Hood and Nia Lovelis from Hey Violet also sparked dating rumors.

Lastly, Michael Clifford is linked to Crystal Leigh. However, fans believed Clifford and Leigh are only friends. Social media photos solely started these speculations.

The fanbase of 5 Seconds of Summer is strong because of the band’s reciprocated love. One time, they gave their condolences to a fan who passed away. Their Instagram photo’s caption stated their sentiments to the sad news.

5 Seconds of Summer is recently on hiatus after their world tour which lasted for eight months.

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Photo Source: Facebook/5 Seconds of Summer

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