“5 Seconds of Summer” Upload a New Profile Picture on Twitter

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
“5 Seconds of Summer” Upload a New Profile Picture on Twitter
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | 5 SOS’s new Twiiter Profile Picture

‘5 Seconds of Summer’ gave their twitter account a makeover. They uploaded the popular Shiba Inus photos to their twitter profile picture and are now calling themselves Doge SOS on twitter.

Doge meme is not new at all. It started in 2010 when somebody in Japan uploaded the pictures of a Shiba Inus breed of dog raising an eyebrow at the photographer. The internet has since then used it in some really fun and interesting ways to propogate ideas as diverse as anti-patriotism and celebrity shaming.

This recent change in the 5SOS’s profile has got the fans as well as the press wondering what the band may be angling at with the new meme. Some speculate that the change may be temporary and the band will revert back to the old pictures soon. Others say that the band’s profile on other web portals like myspace and facebook may also change in the near future. No matter how things turn out, the fans will obviously be looking forward to know what the band might be trying to communicate through these changes.

This is probably the band’s way of showing how fun they are. It is also strangely humble of them to call themselves, “just four dudes making music.” The internet is already going wild because they have rebranded themselves as dogs. Now Australia waits with bated breath for the boys to rock the crowds at Perth. Their Australian tour is in full swing and the boys are rocking the land down under with their downright fun music.

United by the national social media call-out by the band, fans of the famous rock act are going berserk. Many are crazy enough to print 1000s of A4 paper signs just to display them while the band is playing in their city. There is growing ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ fan base in Australia who are ready to do anything at the beck and call of the band.

Photo Source: Facebook\5SecondsofSummer

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