‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ Does Not Want To Be Labelled A ‘Boy Band’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ Does Not Want To Be Labelled A ‘Boy Band’
5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer may look all cute and chocolatey, but there is tough core to these kids. They are young; they are avant garde, and they don’t give a shiner to the fact that they are often labelled a boyband in the derogatory sense of the word.

What is wrong with the label, “boyband?” Some of our most favorite musicians started out by playing in a boyband. Look at George Michael! Look at Robbie Williams! They made good after crooning a few love songs. When the musicians are young and at a certain age, all they can think of writing is love songs about chicks who dumped them and such. So they are boys and they form boy bands.

But “5 Seconds of Summer” feel bad about being labelled a boyband even after writing songs about severe angst and the unbelievable pain of growing up. The band has Green Day for an ideal and so they are slightly miffed that people are still calling them a boy band.

After the groundbreaking “She’s Kinda Hot” hit, “5 Seconds of Summer” are looking to get labelled a post punk rock type band. They are often put into the boyband category, but this doesn’t phase them too much. It does irritate them a little bit though. They’ve corrected people in the past telling them not to call them a boyband but people are still doing that and it is a tad upsetting. So the band told the press, “It’s like a f*** you to people who say you can’t be what you are. And to represent that, I don’t think we should carry on asking people not to call us a boy band.”

Point well taken, 5SOS! But we still think that you guys are cutesy pies. Especially, Luke Hemmings. And there is the fact that you guys are like the perfect representation of young adult mindset these days.

Business Standard reported the news first.

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Photo Source: Facebook / 5 Seconds of Summer

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