‘5 Seconds of Summer’ About to Release Their New Album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5 Seconds of Summer’ About to Release Their New Album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’
The band, 5 Seconds Of Summer has poured their “heart and soul” into their new upcoming album “Sounds Good Feels Good” releasing this October, 2015.

The much popular music band, “5 seconds of summer” has claimed that they have poured their “heart and soul” into their new album “Sounds Good Feels Good.” The album all set to release on October 27, 2015. The entire band has worked with full dedication on the new album to make it a hit. They have worked for months altogether since the start of this year.

Each song of this second studio album has been written and recorded with patience. They lurked themselves in the LA mansion for weeks together in the end and worked on every single detail of the new tracks, fine tuning them, and spent hours and weeks in order to bring out the satisfying sound.

According to UnrealityTV,  it is revealed that the album is available on pre order of the iTunes charts around the world. The rhythm guitarist and the lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings, claim that the wait and the anticipation of the fans regarding the album will be worth it. He also tweeted that “we put our heart and soul together into ‘Sounds good feels good’”, this week to millions of his followers.

The Teens Choice Award on Saturday saw the band performing their records latest single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ which has stormed the charts all around the world. It was followed by the live set for Vevo Certified and can be seen here on YouTube.

The singing and the playing made Calum Hood so hungry that he posted a picture of him on Twitter with a huge bowl of popcorns saying “Currently Eating all the popcorn”. Adding on, he quoted “Vevo Certified Live was a good old riot”. Hood was said to be in a brit rock sort of a mood, a night before. He also typed “Someday you will find me…Caught beneath a landslide”.

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Photo Source: Facebook/5SecondsOfSummer

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