‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ Talks About New Album And Girlfriends

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ Talks About New Album And Girlfriends
5 Seconds of Summer

Any girl vacant and available? Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford are said to be in search for girlfriends. Bathing in the success of their recently released songs, 5 Seconds of Summer stars have made up their mind to come out with some serious stuff in their new albums.

“Sounds Good Feels Good,” the soon to be released album from 5 Seconds of Summer will showcase some mature and experienced stuff from the band. According to vcpost.com, at the time when the first album was written, these guys were only 16 years old and it is been more than four years since then.

During this time they have experienced a lot of things. Different types of things have been written on this album as the group has become older and their thought process has been modified by the experience they gain.

According to kpopstarz.com, it has been revealed that a lot of emotions have been showcased in the upcoming album from 5SOS. The band is quite sure that their fans will all be riled up. The band is of the view that all of their songs are different from each other and explore lot varied topics.

The group of 5SOS have said that this album has given them the opportunity to come up with some message and not just the music. The band has also claimed that some kind of “stuff” is also explored by them, but things are not yet clear as to what this other stuff is.

Some fans are speculating that this other “Stuff” is sure to be their girlfriends. During a recent interview, the group talked about lot of things than just music including about romance, life and tattoos. The band has soared to popularity within no time, yet Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford are without a girl in their life.

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