5 Seconds Of Summer Is An Ultimate Supporter Of One Direction?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
5 Seconds Of Summer Is An Ultimate Supporter Of One Direction?

5 Seconds of Summer members can make every fangirls shout their names, but when it comes to 5SOS—they are an absolute One Direction fanboys! Read On!

5 Seconds of Summer had their very first big break when they were chosen by One Direction to be their opening performers for their concert. Though there are Directioners who raised their brows and expressed their hatred to the band, still, they were able to become a big hit in the music industry! Now, here they are—they are considered as one of the most successful band ever!

According to Unreality TV, despite from the rumors that the boys and 1D doesn’t talk much like before, it doesn’t mean they have bad blood to each other. In fact, even though they are way too far away from each other, they never forget to express their support to one another.


The 20-year-old band guitarist, Michael Clifford showed his fanboying skills to 1D as he candidly made a shoutout on his Twitter account about how awesome 1D song is! Well, it seems like no one can stop this dude over here to gush about his ultimate Directioner song ever!

As Clifford proudly expressed his admiration to “What A Feeling” track, he was also joined by thousands of Directioners and 5SOS fam. As of writing, his tweet earned 87,866 thousand retweets and 110, 491 likes—and of course, many Twitter users made weighed in to Clifford’s random yet funny fanboying act.


On the other hand, it seems like One Direction is not the only band that they truly expressed their admiration as they also admitted that they are an absolute Green Day fanatic!

According to Inquisitr, 5SOS grew up on the music of bands like, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Green Day. They even revealed that they see themselves to be the modern version of the pop-punk bands that they really admire.

Photo Source: Facebook| 5 Seconds of Summer

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