‘5 Seconds Of Summer’s’ ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Is On A Free Fall On ARIA Chart After Just One Week; Why?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5 Seconds Of Summer’s’ ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Is On A Free Fall On ARIA Chart After Just One Week; Why?
For reasons unknown, “She’s Kinda Hot” from 5 Seconds of Summer has moved down the charts in just one week. Something in a free falls. Why has it happened and what does it indicate?

“She’s Kinda Hot” from 5SOS is losing its heat as the number has fallen drastically in ranking on ARIA chart, while others around it move up the ranking. Have the fans of 5SOS changed their taste or are they hibernating?

It seems fans of “5 Seconds of summer” are in deep sleep this winter or may be the pop/rock is not found as amusing as dance and R&B. These are the two main reasons that can be attributed to why the Sydney band’s new single “She’s Kinda Hot” has moved down the charts from number 6 to 40 in just one week.

According to Courier Mail, “She’s Kinda Hot” was released on July 17, and it wasted no time in moving up the charts and hitting No. 1 spot. In the first week of its sale, this first taste of their second album was downloaded more than 11 thousand times in Australia. This was, however, not sufficient enough to make their presence in the ARIA Top 5 last week.

It seems fans have become bored with this new number in the first week itself and the “She’s Kinda Hot” rocket down to no. 40. It was able to acquire just 3677 clicks this week.

On the other hand, dance act “Lost Frequencies” with more than eighteen thousand copies sold of their song “Are You With Me,” have managed to stay on Top of the ARIA chart. “She’s Kinda Hot” is a guitar/heavy brash pop/rock sound and is quite different from the dance and R&B occupying the radio station and singles chart playlist this year.

In an interview with News Corp this month, 5SOS Calum Hood, 19, mentioned that they introduced more of guitar on the radio and tries to motivate people to take up and learn guitars and wish rock music be heard back on the mainstream radio and more people to start loving it.

Diehard fans rush out to purchase pop acts in the first week and this resulted fall in sale in the second week. The same situation can be seen in the UK where “She’s Kinda Hot” opened up at no. 18 on its debut but moved down to number 52 this week.

In the US, the song opened up at no. 22 last week and is still going strong in the second week and is among Top 30.

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