5 Weirdest Photos of the Weird Loners

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
5 Weirdest Photos of the Weird Loners

Everybody is weird. And television happily embraces it. FOX premieres its newest comedy series this Tuesday night, Mar. 31, 2015. “Weird Loners” is a single-camera sitcom focusing on the lives of four adult friends who are relationship-phobic or just cannot maintain a good romantic relationship. Is this the weird version of “Friends”? Read on to learn more about it.

As the premiere date draws near, strange photos about the show are circulating on social media. Here are some of the weirdest:

The Girl with Philemaphobia

Caryn Goldfarb (Becki Newton from “Ugly Betty”) seems to have a fear of kissing. Perhaps that is the reason why she is still single. Or maybe, she spots something scary while making out with the guy. This photo speaks a ton, so it is best to stay tuned for the premiere.

The “American Idol” Fanatics

Disregarding the childish word art all over the photo, it is stated that the cast was having fun at the top 12 finalists’ party. It is either FOX’s stars were uniting as products of one network or actually promoting the show. If it was a stunt for promotions, then the awkward words around the photo were necessary. After all, they must also promote quirks.

The Cat and the Unicorn

Now, this just gets weirder. “Happy Endings” star Zachary Knighton (Stosh Lewandoski) tweeted to gain support from fans. What a great way to promote the show by presenting a photo of a cat holding a golden gun while riding a unicorn that breathes fire. The image is so random. It can make anyone assume that “Weird Loners” may also be filled with random stuff.

The Menacing Glare

Seeing this photo, it can be a good image for best caption games. What’s with Nate Torrence’s (Eric Lewandoski) deadly stare while holding two strips of paper? Not to mention Meera Rohit Kumbhani’s (Zara) blank expression and hands, as if she is carrying an invisible gift.

The Calling

The caption on Instagram said it all: “A great friend would channel your dead father’s spirit and hang out with you all day. That’s just what they do.” For the weird loners, friendship also involves willingness to channel a dead family member’s spirit. How sweet is that?

These points just made the show more exciting and interesting. Do you agree? Make sure to tune in to FOX tonight to celebrate quirks and weirdness.

“Weird Loners” focuses on the lives of promising relationship underdogs. They have different reasons why they are single. The four weirdoes feel the pressure when most of their friends started to marry and have kids. They will face awkward and confusing situations such as meeting an estranged child, dating the same sex and pursuing art for money.

“Weird Loners” airs every Tuesday on FOX.

There you have it for the weirdest photos of the “Weird Loners. It premieres on Tuesday night, Mar. 31, 2015.  For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG). and like our Facebook page What Movie is it.

Photo Source: Facebook/Weird Loners



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