5SOS And Fall Out Boy To Release New Song? Collaboration In The Works After Radio 1’s Big Weekend Performance

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
5SOS And Fall Out Boy To Release New Song? Collaboration In The Works After Radio 1’s Big Weekend Performance
Possible collaboration between Fall Out Boy and 5SOS to happen eventually.

Earlier this week, Fall Out Boy once again made headlines after their views were aired regarding Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain. This was after fans claimed that the group has been availing lyrics from the late 80’s band. Today, Fall Out Boy is taking the headlines once again regarding their comments on 5 Seconds of Summer boys and a possible collaboration to occur.

Pop Crush reported that last week’s BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend music fest was rocked by the performance of Fall Out Boy and 5SOS. Fans got eager on the possibility of collaboration between the two bands during the music festival held in Norwich, England.

However, fans did not get any confirmation for a possible collaboration. The best news however was when fans spotted the boys of 5SOS watching Fall Out Boy perform from the side of the stage. Fans were left guessing if a project between the two groups would be possible given that Fall Out Boy has already collaborated with One Direction before.

On the other hand, more recent news reported that Fall Out Boy revealed they have been trying to hit the studios with a collaboration with 5SOS. SugarScape said that it would be a matter of timings for the two bands given their individual group schedule.

FOB’s Patrick Stump said that although they had been trying to push to do music together with 5SOS , it simply hasn’t happened yet. Meanwhile, Joe Trohman said that it would occur eventually as everything is just about timings.

Do you think the bands’ collaboration would happen anytime soon? If so, share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Fall Out Boy

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