5SOS Believe Their Next Album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ Will Be A Stepping Stone For Them

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
5SOS Believe Their Next Album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ Will Be A Stepping Stone For Them

They rose to international fame when they were touring with One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour and over time gained recognition and crazy fan following of their own. Everyone’s very proud of what the members of the 5 Seconds of Summer are doing. The band, however, is excited for the second album that is going to release in October this year. The members got down to talking about it.

According to Unreality TV, Michael Clifford recently, revealed that he along with his band members are planning something really big for their second album that will be releasing next month. It is being said that the album was real hard work for the band as they spent months in Los Angeles writing and recording the material and perhaps the result was what the band members expected it to be.

Michael mentioned that this album is much more mature and interesting than their self titled debut album that released in June last year. On their upcoming album “Sounds Good Feels Good,” Michael excitedly stated that all the band members are young and they have time to create so many more albums.

The upcoming album will prove to be a stepping-stone for both the band and the band’s fans as they have lots of new ideas, which makes it even more special. He also weighed in on the fact that they are much more mature as people and as musicians, which means it is going to be challenging both lyrically and musically. He along with his band mates hope to step up the music level a bit.

In addition to this, Yibada reported that the band wants the media to know that, in them, there is more to than meets the eye. They just don’t want to make good music but they want to spread light and positivity in their fans lives. They also confessed that they are not really into naming their fan base because they think its pretty lame. “Sounds Good Feels Good” will release on October 23rd.

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