‘5SOS’ BFFs With ‘The Madden Brothers:’ Good Charlotte Considered As Their ‘Big Band Brothers’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5SOS’  BFFs With ‘The Madden Brothers:’ Good Charlotte Considered As Their ‘Big Band Brothers’
Madden Brothers unite with 5SOS

The great bonding between “5 Seconds of Summer” and “The Madden Brothers” is up in the open. Joel and Benji Madden, who are hot favorites in the pop-punk world, are being considered as the ‘Big Band Brothers’ by the 5SOS boys. Read on to get the complete scoop.

On July 20, 2015, during a stage show in Irvine, California, the 5SOS and pop fans in general got a cherry on the cake. The Good Charlotte duo was brought on stage to perform an all time favorite “Girls and Boys” from their 2002 album “The Young and the Hopeless.”

The Madden Brothers are taking a lot of initiative to prepare the 5SOS gang for their upcoming album “Sounds Good Feels Good.” But, there has been news about the Madden Brothers to be involved with 5SOS much more than just guiding them with music tips.

Calum Hood told MTV News that they consider the Good Charlotte duo as their “Big Band Brothers.” He also said that they have an amazing stock of analogies, and recalled Joel sharing a certain astronaut analogy with him.

It was discovered that wasn’t just Calum who was fortunate, the other members agreed in unison for being lucky enough to be motivated by their wise words.

Ashton even shared the details regarding what was told by saying, “It was about touring life and being on a bus, like this is almost a spaceship, and we are the astronauts, and you can’t really explain to people who aren’t astronauts what you experience on tour,” Ashton said. “But you can explain it to other astronauts, and he was saying that I’m a fellow astronaut. He’s very good with words.”

Looks like some sweet bond of friendship and brotherhood has been established there, since 5SOS just couldn’t stop praising the twins.

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Photo Source: Facebook/MaddenBrothers

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