5SOS Boys & Their Plans For Valentine: Find Out More

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
5SOS Boys & Their Plans For Valentine: Find Out More
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One of the most popular pop-punk squads, 5SOS aka 5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian rock band based in Sydney. It was originated from YouTube after they gained huge popularity from there. They rose to international fame during their tour with One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour. The group released their self-titled debut studio album She Looks So Perfect which was rated number one in 11 countries.

The group includes Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin who are known for sharing an immense brotherhood. However, they have been very popular among girls for their relationships.

What 5SOS Boys Have Planned For Valentines?

Michael Clifford5SOS vocalist cum guitarist and Crystal Leigh have finally acknowledged their relationship publically. As soon as their photograph came out on social media the reports of their relationship went viral. She captioned the image “This is my first attempt at coming out of my shell, please go easy on me. There’s an incredible amount of love here, and I can only hope you feel it too.”  It seems that this valentine will turn out to be very special for them (Via Bustle).

Luke Hemmings – Hemmings and Arzaylea have been together for a long time now. There have been numerous reports on how their relationship has affected the band and their brotherhood. Their relationship has been slammed by the fans and she has been bullied on social media at various occasions. In the latest update, it claimed that their relationship has fallen apart.


Calum Hood – The 21-year-old guitarist is said to be dating Nia Lovelis, drummer, and vocalist of the American rock band. 5SOS member, Hood and Nia were dating and even spotted kissing last year. They were going out frequently in 2016; however, they never confirmed their relationship in public. But they aren’t seen together these days, perhaps Hood will be spending his Valentine all alone this year.

Ashton Irwin – Irwin remained in an on and off relationship with girlfriend, Bryana Holly. However, he announced his singlehood on radio and even mentioned that he does not have a girlfriend. She has accompanied him on various occasions of their tour and performances. He has been linked with Hailey Baldwin, Tess Annique, and Alexa Losey but he isn’t dating anyone of them. Irwin is just good friends with them. Alas! he is all alone this Valentine. Girls, are you hearing this?

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Photo Source: Facebook/5SOS


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