5SOS: Calum Hood Sees Ghost; Ashton Irwin Talks About Second Album

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
5SOS: Calum Hood Sees Ghost; Ashton Irwin Talks About Second Album

5SOS band like to stay in the news, regardless of what the reason may be. Recently, Calum Hood, one of the members of the famous boy band, made a revelation which may be difficult for many of us to digest. Hood claims that he has seen ghosts in his life and truly believe that they do exist.

Hood made this startling revelation while he was being interviewed for a new edition of the magazine, Top of The Pops. Hood was talking about the time when he was staying in an old house and that is during that time he saw a ghost. The singer went on to say that he was able to deal with this scary experience quite bravely.

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According to unrealitytv.co.uk, the good looking bass player described everything in great detail. He talked about the night when he was really worked out and he saw a human like body which was wearing a hood. At first he looked at that figure curiously, but then as he realised something he hide himself in a blanket, as he found no other way to deal with that ghost.

Hood confirmed in the end that the house in which they were staying earlier was known to have ghosts. Talking about their music career, 5SOS band second album “Sounds Good Feels Good” will be dropped soon and they have disclosed the secret as to why this album is so important for them.

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According to follownews.com, the boys have written all the songs in the album themselves and this will enable their fans to know about them more. They claim that most of the songs are about relationships and real life events. Ashton Irwin of the band says they also want that their fans should know about them more.

Photo Source: Facebook/CalumHood

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