5SOS Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford are Looking for the Right Girl

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
5SOS Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford are Looking for the Right Girl
They all fantasize about the woman they want to be with, whether it’s the boy next door or the rock stars of 5SOS.

5 Seconds Of Summer Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford reveal their idea of a perfect woman during their backstage greeting with fans. Are you dying to know if you are a perfect match to any one of the 5SOS members? Read on for more details.

5 Seconds Of Summer can make you sweat with ecstasy whether it’s in the heat of the summer or the coldest of winter. So, when the 5SOS boys talk about the kind of lady they are looking to be with in life, we cannot help but stay glued to our seats waiting for their answers.

“Someone that likes the band would be nice,” Hemmings answered in behalf of the “She’s Kinda Hot” hit makers.

Well, Hemmings’ answer definitely made a lot of women raise their hands in response. Who doesn’t love 5SOS, anyway?

Pay attention, ladies! The super cute Aussies are apparently on the lookout for a die-hard fan of their band.

“Someone that likes the band would be nice because, I mean, that’s hard to find someone that likes these three dudes… It’s like having three, I don’t know what to call you guys,” reports Sugar Scape.

If you are totally obsessed with this young lead singer of the band, then it seems that you definitely stand a chance.

The adorable bass player Calum backed up his brother-from-another-mother’s reply by saying, “You’ve got to try and find someone that can put up with the rest of the band really.”

Well, it makes sense. It’s always nice to have a partner who admires your work and your friends and acts as a source of motivation. But, does this group of young and talented boys really mean it, or was it just a stunt to make their obsessed female friends even crazier for them?

We would just wait to see the lucky girl who qualifies. All the best, you lovely ladies!

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Image Source: Facebook/5 Seconds of Summer

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