5SOS Luke Hemmings Thought Getting Naked Was Funny, But Weird!

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
5SOS Luke Hemmings Thought Getting Naked Was Funny, But Weird!
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/5 Seconds of Summer | Luke Hemmings admits he goes naked before going on tours

Going on tours can get pretty boring and insane at times and 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings revealed that he goes naked before going on tours to keep him “sane.” Are some girls already drooling? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Luke Hemmings and his band, 5 Seconds of Summer previously joined One Direction in two of their tours. Now that they have gone on their own shows, Luke Hemmings revealed to Top Of the Pops magazine (via Unreality TV) his secret to keeping himself sane on tours.

Hemmings admitted that he likes to get naked while they are traveling in order to keep him sane. If some of you are wondering, someone was lucky enough to see Hemmings’ body out in the open.

“Within half an hour of getting on our tour bus in America and meeting the driver, he saw me naked. I was running up and down the bus without any clothes on and he managed to see me,” Hemmings recounted.

As for Hemmings’ feelings on getting naked and getting seen by the tour bus driver he just met a couple of minutes ago? Hemmings admitted that it felt “funny, but weird.”

Well aside from this news that pretty much set a lot of 5SOS fans on fire, Hemmings also revealed that he’s single and ready to mingle!

In an interview with Seventeen magazine (via Master Herald), Hemmings said that he is sticking to the band’s “no girlfriend policy.”

While this may break the hearts of some hopeful ladies out there, Hemmings revealed the qualities he likes in a girl. “With a good sense of humor who doesn’t take herself seriously,” Hemmings noted. There you have it ladies, better start working on your jokes and punch lines!

Hemmings has previously been rumored to be dating a slew of beautiful ladies, including Selena Gomez, Bea Miller, Chrissy Constanza and Aleisha McDonald, the outlet noted.

As to which lucky lady Hemmings would want to start a dating rumor for himself? It’s none other than Jennifer Lawrence! As previously reported, Hemmings revealed that he wanted to start a dating rumor about him and “The Hunger Games” actress.

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Photo Source: Facebook/5 Seconds of Summer

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