‘5SOS’ Luke Hemmings Going All Alone With The Band? Michael Clifford Gets Tensed At The Thought Of Justin Timberlake And Live TV Shows!

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5SOS’ Luke Hemmings Going All Alone With The Band? Michael Clifford Gets Tensed At The Thought Of Justin Timberlake And Live TV Shows!
Michael Clifford gets on the edge when put parallel to an A category list star.

The American guitarist in the band named “5 Seconds Of Summer,” Michael Clifford, recently disclosed that there are trifle matters in his career that makes him highly strung nowadays, but some matters make him highly tense and nervous. This 19-year old star is accustomed to playing very well on the stage and in those stadiums which are full of his followers and fans. Read on for more details.

Apart from playing various songs all over the world with his co-band members for the upcoming show “Rock Out With Your Socks Out,” Clifford has also promoted and supported two of the big shows of “One Direction.” He is accustomed to a lot of it in that field. Apparently, in a recent conversation with Clifford relating to the new band’s annual, he said that there are some things which make him tense.

One of them is to show up on the TV shows, particularly, if they are parallel to an ‘A’ category star. According to Unreality TV, he revealed that he only gets tensed when they have to turn up on the TV shows as the audience may involve those apart from their admirers and fans. He also mentioned that there can be Justin Timberlake in the spectators and there may be a lot of those who may be there just to see him.

Mail Online revealed that he does not get on the edge when he performs live because his admirers have always backed him up, he just gathers courage and does it. The band’s lead guitarist, Luke Hemmings, also feels on the same lines and said that he only gets panicked when the tour gets started, or if they have to appear on the live TV. He said that it helps to be in a musical band and it helps because there you are not alone. He also stated that he thinks that he would be nervous if he had to hold the audience as well as the fans all by his own, but in his band, he has got three more people on whom he relies and so the work pressure is divided.

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