5SOS Luke Hemmings Has Major Crush on Selena Gomez?

By DV Pre | 3 years ago

Move along, Justin Bieber. There’s another guy on the block vying for Selena Gomez’ attention. If Bieber won’t step up his game, he just might lose Gomez for real this time. Apparently, 5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings has  a major crush on "The Heart Want What It Wants" singer.

In a recent Facebook post, each of 5 Seconds of Summer members shared his personal requests when on tour. Hemmings stated his: "fresh puppy, body oil, toothbrushes, Selena Gomez, my band, talent, socks, and a happy gorilla!" His bandmate, Michael Clifford has the exact same thing on his list, but named Taylor Swift instead.

The two would definitely make a cute couple! Unfortunately, Gomez has yet to move on from his on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber. A source from HollywoodLife.com claimed that a lot of guys had shown interest to Gomez, but she only has her heart set on Bieber.

"There are lots of guys interested in her. She's getting a ton of attention, but she's still so obsessed with Justin. It's really hard for her to move on,” the source added.

All this news about Bieber and his budding romance with Hailey Baldwin has taken a toll on Gomez. Even though Bieber explained via Instagram that there was nothing going on between him and Baldwin, Gomez was reportedly still very jealous of Baldwin.  

The 22-year-old is was reportedly so upset that she could not spend the holidays without Bieber. The singer was supposed to spend the holidays in Texas with her family, but she’s just so caught up with the whole Justin-Hailey rumors that she can’t have a good time.

“Knowing that Justin is spending all his time with Hailey is eating her up," the source confirmed.

Do you think Selena Gomez should start dating 5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings and move on from Justin Bieber? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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