5SOS Luke Hemmings Talks One Direction’s influence and rewarding fans

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
5SOS Luke Hemmings Talks One Direction’s influence and rewarding fans

5SOS lead vocalist and guitarist Luke Hemmings could not be a happier man. The band member’s hardwork seemed to be paying off as they constantly progress climbing up the success ladder. The lead vocalist remained grateful to One Direction for the success of his band.

According to Day Herald, Luke Hemmings admitted that the band’s progress started once they opened for One Direction for the first time when the band was on their “Take Me Home” arena tour back in 2013.

Despite being an opening an act for the band, 5SOS themselves started to gain a bit of recognition slowly and steadily and it is indeed very commendable that the band after having started from being a supporting act have been able to launch themselves and are currently touring countries taking their band everywhere.

He also reminisced about the fact that it was truly encouraging to see fans of One Direction turning up for the concert wearing 5SOS merchandise. He mentioned in an interview with the Rolling Stone that the moment was actually very sweet and naturally anyone would feel so good after having felt this kind of amazing response. As time passed by people started noticing the band’s performance and slowly it started to seem like the band that had a humble beginning by being another band’s opening act might just be becoming a brand of their own.

People now were coming to see both the bands including the opening act and the one’s who were actually touring. Luke Hemmings also recalled the moment when people started to sing 5SOS songs on one of the tour that was not even their band’s tour. After having been an opening act for One Direction, 5SOS is no longer an opening act and is in the middle of their European tour and recently played in Glasgow and Belfast.

As a tribute and wanting to tell fans how grateful the band is to them, Luke along with 5SOS band members also wore traditional Scottish clothing when they got on the stage in Glasgow and later tweeted a big thank you with #kilts4lyf as their ending words.

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Photo source: Facebook/5 Seconds of Summer

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