5SOS Member Luke Hemmings On The Band’s New Album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good!’

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
5SOS Member Luke Hemmings On The Band’s New Album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good!’

Ever since the day 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS) announced that they’ll be releasing their sophomore album, fans went ga-ga over it and even Luke Hemmings cannot contain himself from expressing his excitement for their “Sounds Good, Feels Good.” Read On!

Luke Hemmings and his fellow members—Ashton Irwin, Calum hood and Michael Clifford had their tours lately and not long after, last October 23, Friday, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) released their newest album, and as expected, it once again created a new wave of music that will surely be a big hit.

According to  Inquisitr, Hemmings, the 19-year-old rhythm guitarist and vocalist of 5SOS was just like any other fans who cannot contained themselves from their excitement for the band’s newest album. The young musician even used his social media accounts just to give countdown few days before the official release of the album and he obviously seemed so keyed up about the fact that their fans will get a chance to hold their album once again.

3 DAYS TIL SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD http://5sosf.am/vjnufZ

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The site added that the Australian pop punk singer coined the band’s new album and was the one who’s working in the studio to lay down the vocal track for their songs and based on the report, he was the one who suggested the album’s title “Sounds Good, Feels Good.”

Official Charts Company noted that the young musician is positive that their sophomore album offers something new and also a major big step for the band’s future careers in the music industry. Hemmings noted that he feels that “Sounds Good, Feels Good” album shows the band’s maturity and improvement in all these years when it comes to their songwriting skills.

Hemmings told the site that the band has developed and now is having good songwriters. 5SOS has toured a lot after their first album, which just added to their experienced about do’s and don’t, he stated, adding that the upcoming album is better in all aspects than the their other works.

Moreover, Unreality TV  reported that fans supported Luke Hemmings and his bandmates on their 5 Seconds of Summer #5SOSCrashHollywood performance earlier this week at Hot Topic Hollywood & Highland Center.

Photo Source: Facebook| 5 Seconds of Summer

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