5SOS Members Michael Clifford And Calum Hood Join Justin Bieber; Lashed Out At Fans!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
5SOS Members Michael Clifford And Calum Hood Join Justin Bieber; Lashed Out At Fans!

5 Seconds of Summer are reyally annoyed by their fans not extending them proper respect. Band members, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood, declared that singer Justin Bieber was right in complaining about fans being rude to the celebrities. Read On!

Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer joined forces to fight rudeness extended to them by the fans. Close on the heels of Bieber’s declaration on snapchat that fans are only interested in taking selfies with him, comes the 5SOS lamentation that they are being treated like trophies when fans approach them for the selfies. Bieber had declared that he hates the fact that no one stays on to have a chat with him after the selfie is stored in the camera.

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Michael Clifford said that some of his fans need a crash course in manners. After all, some of them have been really rude to him. He told the press that people come to him to get a picture taken with him and don’t give a sh*t about talking to him. That’s the kind of world we live in, he declared fatalistically.

His bandmate, Calum Hood, citing an example, said that recently, when he was walking out of the place of his residence, he was accosted by a girl who wanted a selfie with him. He obliged immediately and the girl just walked away saying “Nice to meet you.” He said that it made him wonder if the girl was meeting him or just getting a photograph with him. He wanted his fans to know that every once in a while he longs to have a proper chat with them.

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All this ranting makes us wonder who the mystery girl was who made Calum Hood long to have a conversation with her. Was it love at first sight or just a little spark of attraction? Or maybe we are reading too much into it. It’s just that looking at so much young blood always makes us think that they might be pining away for companionship of the opposite sex.

Unreality TV reported the news first. The conjecture about the romance was our over-active imagination and has never been confirmed by the stars themselves.

Photo Source: Facebook / 5 Seconds of Summer

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