5SOS Michael Clifford gets pranked by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz [WATCH VIDEO]

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
5SOS Michael Clifford gets pranked by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz [WATCH VIDEO]

It is not everyday that you prank call a new buddy you share a love for music with but that is what 5SOS vocalist Michael Clifford experienced when he was in for a surprise after having received a call from Pete Wentz who is the face of the band Fall Out Boy.With 5 Seconds of Summer starting to achieve success, they surely are making friends everywhere.

According to Fuse TV, Pete was on a BBC Radio 1’s “Breakfast Show” with host Nick Grimshaw playing a game called “Call or Delete.” For all those who are unaware of the show, it is basically about finding a random number and then choosing between calling it or deleting it. Michael’s number happened to be selected and Pete decided to call him in order to prank him.

Once 5SOS’ Michael Clifford picked up the phone and pleasantries were exchanged, Pete Wentz sounded like he wanted to come clean with Michael. He mentioned that he recently did an interview and wanted to come clean about his statement, which was purposely taken out of context. After Michael asked Pete about what he said, the latter confessed to talking about how the boys did weird things with their hair but most importantly how their music wanted to make him quit music.

Michael unaware and baffled with what was going on and asked the Fall Out Boy member as to why did he say that. To which Pete replied saying that the band was so good, he felt that his music was nowhere in comparison 5SOS and wanted to quit not before asking to tweet something better about the band.

Michael seemed to smell something fishy asked if this was a prank call and that was the moment when Pete and Nick could not hold it together and revealed that it indeed was much to Michael’s amusement.

Check out the entire “Call or Delete” segment below with Pete Wentz and Michael Clifford, courtesy of Youtube user Stormfire710:

[jwplayer mediaid=”68925″]

Finally the show did end on a bunch of laughter and giggles from both the sides with Nick saying that they will just go ahead prank calling more people. It surely was fun to listen to the conversation and especially how Michael seemed all confused about it.

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Photo source: Facebook/5 Seconds of Summer

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