Is 5SOS Not Cool Enough?

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
Is 5SOS Not Cool Enough?
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5SOS has a lot of fans worldwide, but are they “not cool enough”? Read on for more details.

Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer is probably one of the biggest music bands in the world today. However, some critics describe their music as “blandness in its purest form” and “stupidly catchy.” The band was crowned as the “worst band” by magazine readers at the 2015 NME Awards. For the group, listener and media criticisms are normal for them. They said that they try to ignore those kind of things.

Earlier this week, the band’s drummer, Ashton Irwin, was driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a black car with tinted windows when he learned that there was a Twitter tirade about them that was penned by a well-known music journalist. The accusation, according to the journalist, is that the band is destroying the reputation of Australia in overseas music markets.

Irwin, who also acts as the 5SOS de facto spokesman, said that he does not give a f***.  He even tossed his phone when he read about it.

“It says we’re ‘not cool enough’… I mean, what is that? What is that culture of judgment? I think that’s b***s***,” he said.

According to a report by TV Newsroom, the drummer also said that tour life made him depressed. “I f*****g hate this, we’ve been on tour for five months, I’m living out of this piece of cr*p suitcase with only three wheels on it,” Irwin said.

Do you think they’re not cool enough?

The band’s self-titled album has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. They also have over 10 million followers on Facebook. They don’t even have any problems packing out stadiums worldwide. In fact, they were able to sell more than 1.2 million concert tickets last year.

Irwin and his bandmates, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, play their own instruments, write their own songs, and even control their own schedules. According to The Guardian, the group’s upcoming studio album, “Sounds Good Feels Good,” is a fusion of radio-rock, pop, and punk. It will be released on October 23.

Photo source: Instagram/5 Seconds of Summer

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