5SOS Tagged As Better Performer’s Than One Direction; Is This 1D’s Downfall?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
5SOS Tagged As Better Performer’s Than One Direction; Is This 1D’s Downfall?

Do you agree that 5SOS band is better than One Direction?

Seems like another boy band is knocking our hearts nowadays! 5SOS have been bombing the concert stages this past few months, especially in the United States with their Rock Out With Your Socks tour, and just like their previous performances, their band received what their fans think might well be their best concert review they ever had!

The Australian band performed in front of thousands of delighted fans, mostly teenage girls in Concord Pavilion, California and as many expected, it was reported that they clearly loved every second of their experience and performances.

The ear-dropping shouts of their fans proved that the “Amnesia” song hit makers are making their way to the top and could possibly surpass what One Direction boy band had made in their careers as a group.

These speculations were proved by Time Standard, a local daily newspaper in North Coast, California.

Recently, the newspaper published their positive review of the band’s two-hour gig, and the writer claims that the four-member boy band are even better than One Direction!

The writer of the article pinpointed that the band are often compared to One Ditection. This is because they had just risen to fame when they did a support act for the X-Factor group and it turns out that the members themselves; Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and even the former member Zayn Malik also own a stake in their company.

However, the writer himself thinks that’s where the similarities end, but he still admitted that there’s a very little about 5sos that reminds him of One Direction.

Though they remind him of 1D, he claimed that as a musical entity, the group has far more to offer than One Direction and it includes a better song book.

So, what do you think Directioner’s and  5SOS fam? Who’s better between these two band?

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Photo Source:Facebook| 5 Seconds of Summer

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