‘5SOS’ Update: Ashton Irwin’s Fans Got His Back Against Abuses

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5SOS’ Update: Ashton Irwin’s Fans Got His Back Against Abuses
Drummer faces trouble

The “5 Seconds of Summer” (5SOS) have been the talk of the town currently for their elevating success graph. They are a media story once again, this time, for a different reason altogether. The young drummer Ashton Irwin faces verbal attacks and is backed up pretty strongly. Read on to get the complete scoop.

The story begins at the MTV Video Music Awards. “5SOS” got another feather in their cap in the form of an award in the “Song of the Summer” category for their much-loved number “She’s Kinda Hot.”

“Fifth Harmony” gave a rock solid competition to “5SOS,” but stood defeated in the end. This infuriated their fans and followers who had an outburst in the form of vile and indecent messages against 21-year-old Irwin posted on Twitter.

Well, does our young Australian drummer have any fewer admirers? Not at all.

Irwin took it to himself and re-tweeted those abusive messages for the world and his fans to see, reported Unreality TV.

Evidently the “Fifth Harmony” fans took the defeat to a nasty level. It was since the posts contained extremely degrading personal comments against Ashton.

“5SOS” has some really cool bond with “One Direction” who had been promoting “She’s Kinda Hot” for their “5SOS” brothers before the VMA. Even now, “One Direction” stands by “5SOS,” especially Irwin against the vile comments. And this time it’s not just the band, but their fans to unite with the “5SOS” fans to combat the mishap, reports Unreality TV.

It was extremely disappointing and stunning to witness such aggressive reactions from a set of fans only due to losing out on a specific award. But it would be wrong to blame the entire “Fifth Harmony” fandom just because of a handful, who take great pride in spitting against someone’s success.

#AshtonIsWorthIt is indeed flooding Twitter, so Ashton has enough reasons to cheer up.

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