‘5SOS’ Update: Luke Hemmings Reveals Tales Of Fights And Tips For Brotherhood

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘5SOS’ Update: Luke Hemmings Reveals Tales Of Fights And Tips For Brotherhood
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The bond of love and friendship among the “5SOS” foursome has caught the attention of one and all. This can be enlisted as the secret behind their success. Luke Hemmings of “5 Seconds Of Summer” reveals the secrets behind what they’ve achieved. The rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist also spoke about what leads to fights between him and the drummer Ashton Irwin, 21. Read on to get the complete scoop.

The young Australian boys of “5 Seconds Of Summer” are on a roll. They have been accompanying “One Direction” for two of their world tours, and at present are enjoying the arena tour of their own.

In one of his recent interviews, the 19-year old Luke Hemmings gave some expert tips for the upcoming bands in the annual edition of “The Boy.” He advocated the practice of having live shows and connecting with the audience along with gauging their feedback.

“Play a lot of live gigs before you’ve even released any songs. Playing live is what we did a LOT of in the early days,” is what he said, reports Unreality TV.

Luke stressed on the fact that a positive relationship between band members is the secret ingredient behind the success of any band. “The tighter you are, the better you are,” is what he quoted.

When questioned about the causes of conflicts among the band members, he said that it happens over petty issues like work or timing of rehearsal.

He further informed that it is mandatory for a band member to learn to gel with the other members of his band, or else it might just turn out to be terrible. After years of togetherness they have learnt about each other’s likes and dislikes, and such knowledge helps in maintaining a healthy relationship with ease.

Hope that this friendship doesn’t turn out to be short-lived.

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