5SOS Wrote ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Song With Fans In Mind; A Song Of Revolution For Their Beloved Fans

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
5SOS Wrote ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Song With Fans In Mind; A Song Of Revolution For Their Beloved Fans

5SOS wrote their “She’s Kinda Hot” song with fans in mind!

5 Seconds of Summer band is really killing it! They once again made their fans’ heart flutter as they admitted that they wrote their newest song “She’s Kinda Hot” while thinking about their fans.

There’s no doubt that the Aussie rockers love their fans. They take every opportunity to thank their loyal supporters; interacting with them on social media as much as possible, doing fan meetings and now, they took it to the next level—they wrote a song for them!

Although 5SOS is a new band, they already gained fans from all over the world because of their not so ordinary love for their supporters. They have taken their fans into their world, and into their song!

“She’s Kinda Hot” was written by none other than the band’s drummer Ashton Irwin and guitarist Michael Clifford along with the Madden brother’s of Good Charlotte, Benji and Joel and the album’s producer John Feldmann.

In his interview with Billboard, Clifford explained that when he and his band mates, Irwin, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings went to join the Madden brothers for a writing session, the idea of writing a song for their fans just came out of the blue from their minds. It just popped up while they were working.

According to Clifford, the band planned on it being a song of revolution for their beloved fans. “It’s almost for the misfits and stuff like that, and it’s for us to give our fans a place to belong,” he added.

The young guitarist told Billboard that the song tells a few stories of people who don’t fit in,  and is being pressured to hide themselves and show what people want to see from them and be like everyone else.

They want their fans and song listeners to feel like, it’s okay to be yourself, that not everyone has to be like everyone else.

Well, it sounds like 5SOS newest album is going to be even better than their first released album.

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