5SOS’s Ashton Irwin Comments on One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s Life

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
5SOS’s Ashton Irwin Comments on One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s Life
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5 Seconds Of Summer’s Ashton Irwin has been busy making news. When he is not commenting on One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s pregnancy problems, he is discussing the most Australian thing he’s ever done.

According to Ashton Irwin, drinking beer on the sly is a great Australian tradition. Like any true blue Australian, Irwin once argued with a bartender to let him have beer. The bartender wasn’t in the mood to serve him because he appeared to be underage. “I just turned 21 and a barman wouldn’t sell me a beer,” he confessed to the press. “I fought him for a beer that’s the most Australian thing I’ve ever done.”

Irwin may say that ordering beer is the most Australian thing he has ever done, but he showed more of Australian spirit when he talked about One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s pregnant girlfriend. He told the Sugarscape magazine that the pregnancy was a beautiful thing. He also sagely told the press that childbirth was awesome, even if it came from a one night stand. He told the press that Louis Tomlinson shouldn’t care about small problems now. He also applauded Louis Tomlinson’s cool demeanor even in the face of stress and uncertainity. He told the reporters that he was confident that the kid will be raised right by his father.

“It’s a beautiful thing. Childbirth is awesome. If it came from a one night thing, who cares? The way it’s being dealt with is cool. The kid’s being brought into a great position. He’s never going to be hard up. He’s going to brought up in a loving situation. Louis will step up to the challenge.” He declared to the press.

It seems like the boys from 5SOS are all grown up now, given their sagelike attitude towards reality. We are sure that One Direction will be intensely delighted to hear from 5SOS.

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Photo Source: 5SOS/ Facebook

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