5SOS’s Calum Hood And Michael Clifford Recalls Pyrotechnic Burn Incident; Admit They Are All Single!

By Gelyka Dumaraos | 2 years ago
5SOS’s Calum Hood And Michael Clifford Recalls Pyrotechnic Burn Incident; Admit They Are All Single!
PHOTOGRAPH: 5 Seconds of Summer/ Facebook | 5 Seconds of Summer

Calum Hood and Michael Clifford of “5 Seconds of Summer” recently recalled the pyrotechnic burn accident that happened during one of their tours. The two also admitted that they are all single.

The two boys of 5SOS Calum Hood and Michael Clifford made an appearance in an Australian radio during their interview with Fitzy & Wippa where they talked about the incident that happened in their London leg of their ROWYSO tour.

But instead of taking it on a serious note, Michael Clifford, who was injured in some parts of his face at their concert held at the Wembley Arena, made his recall on a lighter way, Sugarscape said.

The 5SOS member, who is known to don his bright red hair, said, ” I haven’t actually talked about [what happened] that much. So, what the actual story was is that there was a fireball coming for Luke and I was like, I started running and I was like ‘No, Luke’s pretty face’ and then I jumped in slow motion.”

The 19-year-old Australian band member also added, “Everyone else was moving normally but I was in slow-mo. No-one is looking at me dive in front of this fireball and I took it for Luke.”

Meanwhile Calum Hood, who also obtained minor burns, said that everyone was looking somewhere when the incident happened.

The pyrotechnic burn incident in London resulted to the immediate cut of their concert but the Australian pop band continued the last leg of their tour days after.

After the pyrotechnic incident, followers of the pop band showed their support via Twitter with the hashtag, #GETWELLSOONMICHAEL, Mirror said.

Michael was quick to thank their fans in their prayers as she tweeted, “Hello world. im doing ok 🙂 thanks for worrying!” adding: “If I obviously don’t want to have my picture taken right now please don’t take my picture 🙂 see everyone tomorrow!!”

The rest of the interview was veered towards their relationship status, which Michael addressed.

“We all are [single] I believe,” he said,

Calum added, “We all carry the same flag.”

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