6 Best ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Mcdreamy Moments We Will Never Forget!

By April Lara | 3 years ago

The death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11 was a shocker. This Shonda Rhimes show has gathered a lot of fans over the years and they are not newbies to major character deaths but this particular death is something that we all didn’t see coming!

Come on, it’s Mcdreamy! We expect him to live happily ever after with Meredith Grey and after all that he’s been through (getting shot, plane crash, etc.) it has to come to this? Okay, I know there is always an end to every thing but I really expected that he’s going to stay until the show wraps up.

In honor of Mcdreamy, here are the top 10 best moments that we will never ever forget:

  1. “It’s a good day to save lives” – when we hear it, we know Derek’s going to save a complicated medical condition and there’s something about the way he say it that gives us hope and ensure each and every one of us (even us viewers) that whoever’s on that operating table is in good hands. Too bad we are not going to hear it anymore this time.
  2. Mcdreamy Meets Mer – who will ever forget this moment when he and Mer first met in the bar and totally hit it off. It started off as rocky because apparently, Mcdreamy is married but he chose Mer in the end.
  3. Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy – his friendship with Mark Sloan is definitely one of the best. These two share such awesome moments together and “Grey’s Anatomy” will not be the same without these two hot surgeons walking around the hallway of the hospital and getting their hands dirty saving a life. That’s just too hot. Brains, skills and looks? These two got it all!
  4. His Unique Proposal in the Elevator – his proposal was one-of-a-kind! Who proposes with CT scans of his and Mer’s most significant surgeries? When he did that, we all know Mer found her soul mate. That scene melted our hearts!
  5. The Post-It Wedding Vows – another epic Mcdreamy moment when he and Mer are set for the altar but there was so much going on at the hospital that they couldn’t find the time to get married. Instead of having a wedding ceremony, Derek and Mer wrote their wedding vows on a Post-It. It was so simple yet very important. You can feel the gravity of their love right there and it was amazing!
  6. A House Built in Candles – do you remember this episode? When he lined up candles formed into a house on his empty lot where he plans to put up his dream house that he and Mer will live in? Yes, this hit home.

These are just some of the most unforgettable Mcdreamy moments that we willf forever hold close to our hearts! What is your favorite Mcdreamy moment? Share it with us by posting it below!

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