The 7 Greatest Hulk-Thor Combos Ever Seen in Comics Before ‘Ragnarok’

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
The 7 Greatest Hulk-Thor Combos Ever Seen in Comics Before ‘Ragnarok’
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So Hulk is going to appear in the upcoming Marvel film: “Thor: Ragnarok,” where he will lend his fellow Avenger a hand to prevent the destruction of the world or some such. Or a fist. Hulk and Thor are the most famous ‘frenemies’ that the Marvel Universe has ever seen. So, here is our list of the best Hulk and Thor Buddy moments, from the comics, for your viewing pleasure. (Kevin Feige, in the unlikely possibility that you are reading this: consider translating some of these moments to screen, to make the best MCU film ever)

7. The very first time Hulk and Thor meet is in the pages of ‘Avengers’ #1 in 1963, when the Green Goliath helps Thor fight off Loki, and the Avengers Assemble (Just like the first Avengers movie, but with less Nick Fury). Since then, their relationship with has gone rather downhill.

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6. Hulk and Thor have been facing off against each other for the better part of a century now: In ‘Journey into Mystery’ in 1965, the two scuffled for the first time. This ended inconclusively as Hulk reverted back to the mild mannered Bruce Banner all of a sudden, but this would be the starting of a very long recurring theme in the comics.


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5.. And keep fighting they would, through the pages of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ #255 (Hulk gets the Asgardian away from his hammer, and clearly establishes that he has the upper hand in this battle)

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4. ..and ‘The Mighty Thor’ #385 (Thor beats on Hulk with Mjolnir. Until, in a uncharacteristically jerk move, Hulk threatens to kill a bystander unless the other relinquishes his hammer. Then Hulk beats on Thor)

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3. .. and ‘The Incrdible Hulk’ #440 (Both of them go into a berserker rage mode and seem pretty evenly matched. They have to be stopped by a nuke dropped by the Government. You know you got problems when you have to nuke a country to stop two friends from fighting)

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2. .. right up until ‘Fear Itself’ #5 in 2011, where Hulk is turned into ‘the breaker of worlds,’ and ‘Long-hair’ knocks him right off to outer-space.

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1. But its not all fights with these two, when they are not trying to smash each others brains to bits, they help out. Most particularly in ‘Hulk’ #5-6 in 2008, when the two collaborate to take down the Red Hulk and become BFFs.

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BONUS: Oh, and there is this one time when Thanos gets to control Hulk’s mind and has him beat up the entire team of Avengers, including The God Of Thunder.

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So what do you think Hulk is going to be in “Ragnarok?” Helping the Thunder-god, or punching his face in? From the comics, it could go either way. Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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