8 Royal Scandals: From Prince Harry Clicked Naked To Kate Middleton’s Topless Pictures Surfacing And A Lot More

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
8 Royal Scandals: From Prince Harry Clicked Naked To Kate Middleton’s Topless Pictures Surfacing And A Lot More
Prince William, Kate Middle and Prince Harry

Anything but a royal scandal would be talked about for ages to come! The British monarchy has been engulfed by scandals time and agai. From Prince Harry’s naked pictures leaking out in public to Kate Middleton’s topless photographs, everything has lately contributed to some of the not too easy to forget royal scandals. As reported by E! News, there are some eight British monarchy’s royal scandals that have made headlines of newspapers so far. Read to know about all these scandals!

Let us first tell you how Prince Harry became part of the royal scandal or maybe how his right to privacy was violated. The story goes like this: Prince Harry has embarked on a wild trip to Last Vegas some three years back, in 2012. He took part in a game of strip billiards with his friends and was required to go naked. One of his friends clicked his pictures, which somehow reached the Internet and the whole world saw it.

The same year, Middleton had also went for recreation trip with Prince William to France. The royal couple had made their stay at a beautiful chateau owned by the nephew of Lord Linley, Queen Elizabeth II. According to E! News, a French photographer violated their right to privacy and Middleton’s topless pictures got clicked.


According to E! News, Prince Harry had been part of a royal scandal in 2004 too. He was then 20 years old and a picture of him surfaced, in which he has wore a swastika armband at a costume party. Prince Harry had to apologize later for causing embarrassment.

The year 1992 was also a year of royal scandals for the British monarchy, as the sexual conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles was heard and then published. When the scandal took place, Prince Charles was married to Princess Diana. The same year another royal scandal surfaced. It surrounded the Princess Diana and James relationship. The duo’s conversation got published and everyone started wagging their tongues on why James had used words like “squidgy” and “squidge” to address her.


E! News also reports that Charles had also dated Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah Spencer before marrying Diana. He married Diana in 1981 and not her sister. Their affair also made it to the list of the British monarchy’s royal scandals. Sarah, the Duchess of York and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York tied the knot in year 1986. In 1992, outrageous pictures of Sarah and John Bryan, an American financial manager together came before public. It made another item added to the list of royal scandals.

The roll of royal scandals cannot be complete without mentioning King Edward VIII’s scandal that made news in 1936. He had fallen in love with a married American woman, and she with him. He renounced his throne and Prince Albert took the reign.

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