A Backwards Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

A Backwards Movie ReviewIt is more than a month since the London Olympics closed and here we are with a movie about a woman who has dedicated her whole life trying to be part of an Olympic rowing team. Time is running out for Abi Brooks (Sarah Megan Thomas) as her 30th birthday draws near. When she learns that she is named an alternate for the second time, she packs her bags and go back home with her mom.

While looking for a job, Abi reconnects with her former boyfriend, Geoff (James Van Der Beek). He is now the head of athletics at their old high school. Abi is hired as the new coach for the high school rowing team.

Abi takes two girls, Hannah (Alexandra Mac) and Susan (Meredith Apfelbaum), under her wings. She is too hard with the girls at first but as soon as she is able to buildsa bond with them, she sees the world in a different perspective.

And just like any sport movie, the underdog is usually given the chance to rise up and win. Abi is given an opportunity and she has to decide what really makes her happy. Backwards has some great bonding scenes between Abi and the girls. It is full of inspirational stuff as well. Plus, it has a good amount of romance. Girls would swoon over James Van Der Beek.

Backwards is not the best sport movie around and it might not appeal to everyone. It is a sweet, inspiring flick that will make you happy and full of hope about watching it. Sarah Megan Thomas not only acts on it, she also wrote and produced the movie. She is a rower and it makes the story believable. If you’re looking for an enjoyable movie for the whole family, then Backwards is the one for you.

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