A Dog’s Purpose: Movie Review and the Controversial Animal Maltreatment Issue

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
A Dog’s Purpose: Movie Review and the Controversial Animal Maltreatment Issue
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A Dog’s Purpose has a storyline that is not new to pet lovers as stories about canines have graced screens through the years. The Lasse Hallström-helmed movie has already attracted attention. A leaked on-set video of a German shepherd that was forced towards a water tank surfaced. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals provided the video which TMZ shared on their site.

Animal lovers condemned the act. Aside from that, it has blown into massive outrage that a call to boycott the film has emerged. The movie will premiere two days from now and reports say that they might defer its debut due to the issue.

The story of A Dog’s Purpose is about a dog named Bailey (Josh Gad). It reincarnated into different dog breeds until its demise, reports Variety. First, the movie showed it as a stray puppy that a personnel caught. The dog catcher then placed it at the back of an animal control truck and then for whatever reason, it died.

The dog reincarnated into a Golden Retriever puppy that Ethan (Bryce Gheisar) adopted. He was able to convince his father to let the dog stay at their home. The relationship between the dog and Ethan grew closer.

A Dog's Purpose

When Ethan grew into a young man (KJ Apa), he asked the help of Bailey in courting a girl named Hannah (Britt Robertson). The dog witnessed the flourishing career of Ethan as a football player, his bizarre accident, and his separation from Hannah. It has seen the ups and downs of humans and their emotions. Bailey died of old age but his story did not end from there.

He was reborn and became a K9 police unit dog that dwells in an apartment. Then in his next life, his final reincarnation as a stray found a companion in an ordinary farmer (Dennis Quaid).

A Dog’s Purpose Video Clip Issue Still Undecided

Huffington Post reported that the trainer of the dog Hercules, Birds and Animals Unlimited issued a statement on the video clip. The statement explained the actual take and the presence of an Animal Humane Representative to supervise the shooting. It also explained how they executed and the preceding scenes before the one captured on video. The official statement also contains the warning of the trainer to stop sharing the edited video.

A Dog’s Purpose is a tearjerker and will really touch the heart of animal lovers who are the target audience of the film. The movie will premiere on January 27.

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