A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

A Good Day to Die HardBruce Willis is back as John McClane in the latest installment of the Die Hard series, A Good Day to Die Hard. In the movie, McClane is trying to reacquaint himself with his estranged son. It has been six years since the last Die Hard movie. In 2007, Live Free or Die Hard surprised moviegoers with a dumb but fun action movie. In that movie, McClane knocks everything that is in his way and flash a charming smile as he does it. Director Len Wiseman embraced the cartoony aspect of the film and played with it.

With the right tone and movie logic, an action movie can be forgiven for its over-the-top mischiefs. The plot can be overlooked and some laws of physics can be denied as long as the flick can entertain the audience.

A Good Day to Die Hard opened last Valentine’s Day and it is the antithesis of romantic movies that are released during that time. But it lacks the humor that is found in Live Free or Die Hard. Much of the blame is on director John Moore, who in the past made remakes such as Flight of the Phoenix and The Omen.

No one must have told Moore that Die Hard movies are not serious action flicks. This is one of the reasons why A Good Day to Die Hard falls flat. Add to that the mediocre script written by Skip Wood. The producers thought that it is the right time to bring back McClane’s son and work with the issues between the two. The two are seen bickering with each other and it becomes old fast.

It feels like Bruce Willis just showed up for the paycheck in A Good Day to Die Hard. Jai Courtney plays John Jr. Most of the time, his character is angry or sullen. When the end credits are rolling, you would think that it is a good idea for McClane to remain estranged from Junior.

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