A Monster in Paris – News, Preview

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A Monster in Paris

The peaceful Franc shows that he has very good musical abilities and wins the heart of everyone, including the two guys who had erroneously created him. They join hands with Emile to save Franc from a rogue police officer Maynott who wants to capture it for his own deceitful intentions.

The setting of the movie is in Paris, France. The movie is directed by Bibo Bergeron and produced by Luc Besson. With this film, the French animation industry hopes to make a global impact in a domain that has enjoyed the prowess of Hollywood. The US spearhead the animation movie industry with companies like Disney-Pixar and DreamWorks Animation surging ahead with movies like Shrek, Puss in Boots, Antz, The Prince of Egypt, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ratatouile, Cars and Monsters Inc.

The French animation industry has been getting accolades since the beginning of the decade and one of the top names that have emerged is the UAE Cinema which has produced A Monster in Paris. The special effects and graphics are state of the art and of the format of a Hollywood animation blockbuster.

The cast in A Monster in Paris, who have given their voices include French singer Vanessa Paradis, who is a long-time girlfriend of Johnny Depp and Matthieu Chedid, who is a French rockstar, guitar player and song-writer. He has given voice to the ‘monster’ while ‘Paris’ is given voice by Vanessa. Ohers in the voice case include Danny Huston who has been seen in movies like Wolverine, Gad Elamaleh, Ludivine Sagnier and François Cluzet

The movie released in France in August 28, 2011 but gets an extended release in the UK, Germany, Canada and the US on an unspecified date. A Monster in Paris releases in UK on January 27, in Canada on February 24, in Germany on June 20. The budget of the movie has been €25,000,000, with an estimated screen running time of 90 minutes. The music of A Monster in Paris composed by Matthieu Chedid has been widely appreciated including the title track and a couple of other tracks.

Director Bibo brings to the table a huge amount of experience, considering his volume of work in US animation industry. He has worked as a top notch animator in movies in like Space Jam, Bee Movie and The Iron Giant. Bibo has also directed movies like Shark Tale and The Road to El Dorado. Producer Luc Besson and Bibo are confident of the material and find that A Monster in Paris can be marketed internationally and can be accepted universally in countries, it releases in due to the quality animation, the lilting music and the universal theme of romance.

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